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Ray Wilbur Northup was born September 7, 1908, Hoquiam, Washington, the son of Ray Alta Northup and Annie Reed. He married Louise Irma Bublitz, (b. September 21, 1908; Menomonie, Wi.); September 29, 1935; Hoquiam, Washington.

Wilbur was born in Hoquiam on 8th Street in an apartment over the theatre. He started school at Westport, Wa.; 1st and 2nd grade there and 3rd and 4th in Astoria, Or. The family moved up to the Queets Country in 1919. They lived in the Queets until his Mother, (Annie) took sick with cancer in 1925. Frank, the younger brother and Wilbur had to quit school and go to work in a factory making piano parts at age 15 and 17. Annie died August 15, 1925. Frank and Wilbur went back to the Queets and had a hard time to make a living. There was no work to be had, so they worked here and there to make their board. Wilbur went to Alaska on a whaler in 1927 and then went to work for the Forest Service for eleven seasons after that. He did some horse shoeing and packing on the Kelly Dude Ranch for years between Forest Service work. Louise Irma Bublitz and Wilbur were married September 29, 1935 while he was working for the Forest Service. He went to deisel school in Portland, Oregon for two winters and worked on the tug "Keath" on the Columbia River. Seven years later, their son, Ray was born in Hoquiam, Washington July 22, 1942. They bought stock in the Penninsula Plywood in Port Angeles and Wilbur worked there in 1942 and part of 1943, going back to Astoria to go fishing with Ole Johnson on the "Astorian". Their daughter Jean was born in Astoria March 27, 1945. Louise Northup started fishing with Wilbur in 1950 because good help was hard to find. She fished with him for 22 season, fishing Salmon and Albacore. They sold the boat in January, 1973, and then retired, enjoying the good life in Morro Bay, California and trailer traveling.

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Ray Wilbur Northup Family

Children of Ray Wilbur and Louise (Bublitz) Northup

Wilbur Ray Northup b. Jul 22, 1941; Hoquiam, Wa. m. Caroline Horne in Gardena in 1963
Jean Louise Northup b. March 27, 1945; Astoria, Or. m. Peter Roman and moved to Australia.